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What I Learned from Returning to Kindergarten Bookmark and Share

What I Learned from Returning to Kindergarten

Tomorrow my daughter “graduates” from kindergarten. Milestones like this always make me sentimental, but this year the bittersweet emotion is amplified by 27.

You see, this was my year to revisit kindergarten. I gave up the security of full-time work for the flexibility of freelancing so I could spend more time with my daughter and volunteer at her school. That meant spending time with 28 little people on a regular basis.

It was a questionable move for someone with workaholic tendencies and a mild dislike for “OPKs” (other people’s kids). Helping in the classroom was unchartered territory. I worried ...

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Good Teachers Bookmark and Share

Who was your favorite teacher?

For me, it was Mrs. Makowski, who I was lucky enough to have in second grade and again in fifth. I don’t remember much about her other than that she was very tall and had dark hair. Mostly I remember that she made me feel confident and smart. She was the teacher who instilled my love of story-telling. 

The lessons you learn from good teachers stay with you for life.

Friday my daughter said goodbye to her first teacher, “Maitresse,” the most amazing teacher and one of the most amazing people I have ever ...

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