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The Lifelong Struggle: Why Marriage Is Harder Than Parenthood Bookmark and Share

I grew up with the mantra, "marriage is hard work," and for my parents, it seemed especially difficult. Having watching their struggles, I felt prepared for tough stuff. When the first years of my own marriage felt surprisingly easy, I began to suspect my parents were just doing it all wrong. 

Then we had a baby, sold our condo, moved, my husband went to grad school and became a stay-at-home dad within three months. Over the next few years, we moved again, our beloved cat died, my job sucked and I went through four bosses and a company restructuring. To ...

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A bit of distance in marriage sometimes helps you go the distance Bookmark and Share

My husband will soon be halfway around the world on a lengthy business trip. I don’t want him to go. Not because I will be a single parent for three weeks, or because my daughter and I may run out of clean clothes because I won’t remember how to use the washing machine, or because I will have to take his place at father-daughter dance rehearsals.

My reason is simple: we are currently in a good patch. Anyone in a long-term relationship knows exactly what I’m talking about. Marriage is a roller coaster. The key to hanging ...

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Giving up the teenage dream Bookmark and Share

At 17, I planned out my entire life until age 30: a college degree and marriage by 22 followed by two children (girl then boy), a master’s degree and a fulfilling professional career by 30. My plans didn’t go beyond that, so apparently I was going to drop dead or go insane after that crazy journey.

This plan made perfect sense in my naïve mind. I was already engaged (feel free to roll your eyes, I always do when I think of it) and had begun freshman year of college. Fortunately, it didn’t pan out. Instead college ...

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Imposter at the wheel Bookmark and Share

At this week’s staff meeting, our CEO talked about a survey in which more than 80 percent of people said they feel like imposters at work, always wondering when someone would figure out they didn’t know what they were doing. I immediately looked at my friend and coworker sitting next to me, and we stifled our laughter since we’ve had that conversation many a time.

Most of my professional life, I’ve felt like a fraud with the motto of “fake it till you make it.” I’ve been waiting a long time for a mild breeze ...

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Lessons learned from a superball Bookmark and Share

Tuesday morning I was up to my ankles in soapy water by the end of my shower. Odd since the night before the water from my daughter’s bath went down just fine. Then I remembered she had been playing with her superball in the tub. She “saw” it bounce out of the tub, but since we looked everywhere for it Tuesday morning, I began to suspect it was more than a chunk of soap and my impending baldness that was clogging the drain.

Still optimistic about the soap idea, I waited two nights until I told my husband the ...

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