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My Guiding Words for 2014: Courage and Connection Bookmark and Share

Funny thing about friendships—you can’t become friends with someone without first having been strangers. Didn’t our parents always say “never talk to strangers?”

Us introverts take that advice to heart. We hate talking to strangers—it’s like walking into the flames of hell.

But when you move to a new place, you have two choices: put yourself out there or wallow in loneliness. So into the fire of small talk and introductions I have gone.

When a mom I’d only met only twice invited me to join a new book club that some of the ...

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Small Talk Might Kill Me Bookmark and Share

Being the new girl at school is exhausting. Not so much for my daughter who seems to be adjusting just fine, but for me.

In an effort to get involved in the school and get settled into our new city, I’ve taking every opportunity to meet new people, including volunteering in the classroom, signing up for PTA committees and taking daily soirees at the school playground.

While my daughter works the monkey bars, I work the parent crowd. I chat away with people I’ve known for less than three weeks, and inevitably I am introduced to a new ...

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