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Why We Finally Caved to the ‘American Dream’ Bookmark and Share

Why We Finally Caved to the ‘American Dream’

My husband and I have done two things we said we’d never do (and neither was reminiscent of 50 Shades of Grey). We bought a house and it’s in the suburbs.

Isn’t this the American Dream? Perhaps for many people it is, but it’s never been our dream.

After a condo-owning fiasco, we had sworn we’d never own property again. We’d happily fork over cash to a landlord if it meant trading in home maintenance and a hefty mortgage for more fun things, like dining out and European vacations.

Plus, our anti-car sentiment has ...

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Walking Through A College Campus Evokes Mixed Emotions Bookmark and Share

My neighborhood has been teeming with new blood for the past two weeks—not with babies but instead with baby-faced college students.

The townhouse we’ll be moving from in two weeks is just blocks from a college campus, and fresh-faced youngsters have descended upon the area like locusts. The electrifying combo of fear and excitement radiates off them like summer’s last heat.

The other day as I walked through the heart of the urban campus on an errand, I couldn’t go more than 20 feet without seeing another newbie in a “class of 2018” t-shirt walking my ...

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Could Books Be the Fountain of Youth? Bookmark and Share

Could Books Be the Fountain of Youth?

The morning DJs today gave an on-air quiz to determine whether you’ve hit middle-age. Based on this highly scientific survey, I learned that I am not quite there yet, which is exactly what I keep telling my husband. 

One of the questions stood out, however. It was “are you increasingly nostalgic?” Well, I’ve been nostalgic since I was born—seriously my 5-year-old self probably pined for the days when I was a younger and more carefree toddler.

 Yet, even my abnormally high nostalgia levels are on the uptick. I was blaming Facebook posts from people I knew in ...

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What Holiday Traditions Connect You to Childhood? Bookmark and Share

What Holiday Traditions Connect You to Childhood?

Growing up, every holiday was chaotic. My extended family is huge. When you combine the paternal and maternal sides, I have 22 aunts and uncles (including their spouses) and 30 cousins.

Do I have to even state that family gatherings were loud? Yelling, shouting, laughing, game playing, little kids running in packs like wolves. I was never the ring leader, but I always enjoyed being part of the show.

After my husband and I moved away, I missed the noise. The silence felt deafening. Over time, though, we established our own traditions. Christmas Eve meant lights at the zoo and ...

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Home Alone: What Irrational Phobias Can’t You Shake? Bookmark and Share

Thanks to the generosity of a coworker, my daughter and I are living for two weeks in a beautiful home snuggled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We’ve seen deer, fox, wild turkeys. It’s a vacationer’s dream and my basic nightmare.

The problem? The woman who owns the home is gone most of the time. “Yay!” you might say. Not me. Nothing fills my heart with terror more than being in a big empty house at midnight.

No doubt I’m not the only one with this fear, but my version of it seems a bit ...

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