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The Simple Beauty of a Monday Birthday

When my alarm started singing at 5:30 this morning, I quickly hit snooze and snuggled under the covers to lament about how Monday is the worst day to have a birthday.

Calling in sick on your birthday is highly suspicious, so I pulled my groggy butt out of bed and attempted to prepare myself for the first day of what will be an exhausting week.

In recent years I’ve started this weird habit on my birthday of asking myself, “If I died today, would I be happy?” It sounds morbid, but it helps keep me honest.

 Today’s answer is “hell, no!,” but only because dying at 42 would be bullshit no matter how you look at it.

 As I moved slowly through the morning, feeling the large glasses of red wine I consumed last night, I thought about this question. I asked myself what would make my birthday perfect if it weren't a Monday. I was surprised to find that all I would wish for would be one more day like the two I just had.

It was an ordinary weekend, some might even find it boring—if I were turning 22 I sure would have thought the weekend was lame. No bells, no whistles, no dancing, no confetti and no birthday parades. Fortunately, no vomiting either.

Instead, I made gingersnaps and applesauce with my daughter; lovingly browsed the stacks at a local bookstore (by myself!); contemplated paint samples for my dining room; spent hours in my garden readying it for winter and planting bulbs to greet me in spring; read part of a scintillating book; and ate so much garlicky pasta at the authentic family run Italian place down the street last night that I feel sorry for anyone I come within 5 feet of today. 

My husband and daughter gleefully brought out presents throughout the weekend. We laughed. We played a game of Skipbo. We ate some delivery pizza. We talked about the trip we want to take to Italy next year.

Yep, other than the fact that I don’t usually get presents every day, it was just an ordinary weekend.

Monday birthdays carry no expectations. And perhaps that is what has made this one so perfect. Instead of a grandiose party, I spent an entire weekend experiencing ordinary moments that reminded me that my life is simply extraordinary.

What more could a girl ask for?

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  1. patricia

    patricia on 10/05/2015 3:19 p.m. #

    Well, it sounds like a perfect birthday weekend to me!!!! I sort of got that same "magic all around me" feeling when Alex, Iyanla and I were sitting in a burger place in Cherry Creek yesterday... TVs all around showing the football game, all of the babies coming in dressed in orange and blue... The laughter, the good food... It just felt good to be alive. What is the scintillating book you are reading, by the way? I've had too many duds lately, and am SO tired of the self-published Kindle books full of typos and terrible writing! Happy Happy birthday Heidi!

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