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Did 2015 take anyone else by surprise? Despite the Christmas festivities that always signify year’s end, I simply wasn’t prepared when New Year’s Eve rolled around. I hadn’t reflected at all on 2014 and certainly hadn’t given much thought to what I want this year to look like.

Even once I gave it some thought, I didn’t greet 2015 with open arms. In fact, I felt a bit dismal about the entire year. My job hunt had ground to a halt in December and frankly, I wasn’t too keen on starting it up again. Job hunting sucks. In addition, I was having a bit of déjà vu. I was entering 2015 with the same lack of direction that I entered 2014.

Instead of sunshine and rainbows, I was full of foreboding clouds and pissyness. (Is that a word? If not, it should be, so I’m using it.)

Despite my bad attitude, or perhaps because of it, I committed to giving some thought to how I want this year to play out. I don’t make resolutions, but for the past two years, I’ve chosen a couple of words to act as my theme or intention for the year.

Last year I chose Courage and Connection. Though I still often feel isolated in my newish locale, my calendar shows I’m doing pretty well in the connection part. The courage part, however, is another story. It needs work big time. The year before my theme was Patience and Love, and while I’ve improved vastly in both, I still have a long way to go in the patience department (case in point, my constant questions of why is it taking so fucking long to find a job I like and why does it take companies a decade to get through their hiring process?).

So this year, I needed something really good. Something to really push me toward the life I want to create. Enough dilly-dallying for God’s sake (being an indecisive Libra can be a real annoyance sometimes).

What kept coming to mind was “make a difference,” but that felt so vague and cliché and kind of nauseating. After a week of mulling things over, it finally came to me: Positive Action.

To me, this phrase seems much more specific than “make a difference.” The positive part will hopefully keep me from becoming embroiled in paralyzing negative energy. The action part emphasizes the need for me to get off my ass and be proactive instead of passive. And combined, “positive action” supports making a difference in every area of my life: home, health, work. Also by combining these words, maybe I have a chance of achieving both, unlike years past when only one word seemed to stick.

If nothing else, this little two-word phrase has me feeling a bit more optimistic about the new year, so much so that when cold water refused to flow from my kitchen faucet this morning, I didn’t get pissed. Instead I Googled “frozen pipes”—and then took even more action by messaging my husband since what the hell do I know about unfreezing pipes?

Have you set an intention for the year? I’d love to hear it.

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  1. Amy

    Amy on 01/08/2015 2:45 p.m. #

    Embrace Possibility.

  2. Rebecca

    Rebecca on 01/10/2015 8:36 p.m. #

    Because of your inspiration from last year's post of your two words for 2014, this year I chose Home and Harmony for my words of focus this year. Home because I'm damned determined to get my own place this year and harmony because I choose balance and peace in my life, finally. I will do whatever is necessary (without hurting anyone in the process) to make both of these words a reality in my life. Here's to 2015, my friend! Thank you for being such an inspiration. You're awesome, Heidi. And here's to positive action to make this the best year yet!

  3. Heidi Jeter

    Heidi Jeter on 01/13/2015 8:44 a.m. #

    I love these new year words!

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