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When I finally hit the “submit registration” button for the Yoga Journal conference in Estes Park, Colorado, it was as if a six-year weight had been lifted.

You see, I have wanted to go to this conference ever since I first read about it, yet I had an excuse every year. I was too pregnant, I was a new mom, my husband was in grad school and we were too broke (that one worked multiple years), but this year, I was finally down to the one excuse underlying it all: I was too scared.

Yep, I was scared of a bunch of yogis chanting in the mountains. I was scared to spend an entire weekend among strangers. I was scared of being alone. I was scared I couldn’t physically handle it. I was mostly scared of what might happen if I spent three days entirely in my own head. What if I had a life-altering revelation? Worse, what if I didn’t?

I stared at the button, heart pounding, until suddenly my fear became my reason to click enter. I have spent my entire life not doing things out of fear. It was time to do something because it scared me.

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